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Sexiest Man Alive: 2013

So glad my boyfriend finally got recognized for the fine specimen that he is.



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The McGosling Reunion

I know it’s not 100% fact.

Just a rumour floating out there in gossip land.

But gods of Hollywood Couples please make this love reunion happen.



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Photo Of The Day

Photo Of The Day

Thank you San Francisco for restoring my faith in humanity today. There is hope for this world after all.

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Ramblings Of A Five Year Old….Take #101

Song lyric analysis by Isabella on the drive to my parents place for supper.
Isabella: “Mommmmeeeee you know that song on MAJIC 100 where that lady sings “the girl is on fiiiiiirrrrrrreeeee”.
Me: Yes. That’s Alicia Keys.
Isabella: Well why doesn’t she stop singing and throw water on the girl so she stops being on fire? She’s not a very good person to keep singing while the girl is burning.

Take note Alicia Keys.


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So today on Bethenny, Jenny McCarthy confessed she’s ready to propose to her boyfriend of only 4 months – Donnie Wahlberg – IF he doesn’t do it first.

And cue the temper tantrum by me.

I mentioned they’ve only been dating four months right?

I need a glass of Baby Duck.


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The Breakfast Club

Well I’ve only watched this movie a kajillion times and now I want to watch it again.

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24H Tremblant

Alright – the one time of the year where I ask for donations. I’m organizing the Bell Media 24H Tremblant team and I have volunteered to raise $500.
24H Tremblant is a fundraiser for children’s charities and one of the recipients of the money raised is the Ottawa Senators Foundation.
I attend a lot of charity events and galas throughout the year and I see how many children’s organizations the Sens Foundation helps out in the Ottawa area- from Roger’s House, to Candlelighters to building rinks so all kids have the chance to experience an activity that many of us take for granted.
So anything you can donate would very much appreciated (click here to make a donation).


And this is a picture of myself and Christian – he’s one of the 1000s of kids that benefit from the money raised from 24H Tremblant. He’s an amazing kid – with the best smile and he gives the best hugs.



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Inspiration: Is Finally Finding Your Voice

This video made my day.
Inspiring and so moving. Finding your voice – never take that for granted.


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