Monthly Archives: September 2011

Jazzlyn Little: X Factor USA

She did Mary proud. And only 16 years old.

Le damn indeed.

So much soul. So much emotion. Crazy good.


Adele: Someone Like You

It’s such a basic video…but I like it…it doesn’t distract or take away from the ever so powerful voice that is Adele.

This song makes me weepy every time I hear it.

It brings everyone back to the time in their life where ‘the one’, or the person we thought was ‘the one’ got away.  The ‘what if’ in each of our lives (cause we all have them)….and she does it so damn well.  It’s like she read all of the diary entries of every person who ever had their heart broken and wrote this song.

It’s brilliant. It’s music perfection.

Josh Krajcik: X Factor USA Audition

His voice blew me away.

If Joe Cocker and Michael Bolton had a baby they would have produced Josh Krajcik.

This guy should be fronting his own rock band…forget slinging burritos.

And his mom – I love her. Her enthusiasm, giddiness, love and support of her son…it made me weepy.

X Factor USA: Melanie Amaro

Do I dare say she sang the song better than Beyonce?

The girl can sing. And only 18 years old.

Marc Martel Becomes Freddie Mercury

Hard to believe everything you see on the internet…but this guy is too crazy good….and hell he totally even looks like Freddie Mercury.

This is Marc Martel…34 year old Canadian who now lives in Tennessee with his wife.

This is his audition for the ‘QueenExtravaganza’ competition.

From a recent interview done with Marc in the Wall Street Journal“he has had no formal training, a knack for mimicry and is a fan of singers like Mercury, George Michael and Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Wait…what?” 

Love it.


Amazing Dance Routine

This guy kills it….on the dance skillz.