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Evil, Evil Friends

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Miley, Miley

So this was a comment I left on a friend’s FB post about the slut shaming that is happening right now in regards to Miley Cyrus.

I was going to write an entire post on it but I’m too damn lazy. So instead I’m going to copy and paste my comment.

Just cause.


“Not sure how the slut bashing came about. Because there are a lot of sluttier Hollywood celebs that have come before her and more will come after her. I bash her because I’m tired of her tongue and her lack of anything original that she does. Gene Simmons did the tongue thing and Madonna did the touch myself sex thing. And both did it 1000x times better. If you’re going to be all ‘screw the world I don’t care what you think’ then at least be original. And finally I bash her because I get she’s trying to change her image…this is all a very calulated Miley Cyrus publicity stunt. I just hope she has a part two to this plan. Because as it stands now I don’t think she does. Plus her performance from a strictly musical point of view was *&^%$#@ awful. But with that said A. foam fingers at sporting events will never be the same and B. If anyone knows what colour of red lipstick she was wearing let me know…cause it was fabulous.”

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Old Skool Italian Dad: Take 2

Asked my dad to put up a basketball net for the kids.

This isn’t exactly what I had in mind…


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Old Skool Italian Dad: Take 1

My kids asked their Nonno (grandfather) for a swing in is front right…and this is what they got.


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