Monthly Archives: March 2010

Bury Me Alive

Remember Carly Smithson from American Idol?
She’s resurfaced as the lead singer for the band We Are The Fallen…made up of former Evanescence band members.
The track is called ‘Bury Me Alive’.

I like the track…and really it does just sound like a continuation of where Evanesence left off…Carly sounds just like Amy Lee.


Punk Princess…

Love this website, My Baby Rocks….greatest rock ‘n roll and punk clothing for kids.


Lee Dewyze

Fave performance of the night….one of the few bright spots in this year’s American Idol.

Lee Dewyze doing his take on ‘Treat Her Like A Lady’ by The Cornelius Brothers.

This version could so easily make the transition to radio and do really well. Love it.

Scarface – Kiddie Style

Wrong on some many levels…

But the kid playing Al Pacino….he’s got that snarl down….Hollywood come a calling….your next kiddie movie star awaits.

Funky Baby Dresses…

My mother would flip-out full-out Italian style if my daughter ever showed up at her house in one of these…but I love them.  Funky reversible dresses….with skulls. 

Come on it screams cute precious baby girl!  Totally adorable.

Perfect for the fun and hip little girls in your life.

From the online store: Jaminga

Inner Cowgirl….

The perfect rubber boots for the city girl who is a cowgirl at heart.

Funky Western rain wear at its best.

From Rain Co.

Good Night Vancouver

My husband brought the book ‘Good Night Vancouver’ by David J. Adams, back from Vancouver as a gift for my 2 year old daughter.
She absolutely adores it…we read it every night…sometimes twice.
Beautifully illustrated…it captures a child’s imagination, inspires travel and is wonderfully written.“Many of North America’s most beloved regions are artfully celebrated in these board books designed to soothe children before bedtime while instilling an early appreciation for the continent’s natural and cultural wonders. Each book stars a multicultural group of people visiting the featured area’s attractions and rhythmic language guides children through the passage of both a single day and the four seasons while saluting the iconic aspects of each place.”

The books are from Our World of Books…the publishers of the Good Night Our World Series.  Other places children can read about: Montreal, Seattle, California, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Vermont…and the list goes on and on.

Any book that engages like this series does…makes a perfect gift.


If you loved LEGO as a kid…you’ll love these funky retro LEGO bling items from the Gr0glmann’s Fun Retro Jewelry shop on Etsy.

A perfect gift for the LEGO geeky nerd in your life.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Love these whimsical wedding cake toppers from the Concarta shop on Etsy…a little something for every couple.

You can even get a custom cake topper made.

Great Stepping Stools & Chairs

Love these!  From the artompotamus shop on Etsy.

Fun, vibrant colours….perfect for kids.