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Music Truth #45


The Killers

Can’t. Stop. Listening. To . Their. New. Single.

Love it x 1000.

The Killers ‘Runaways’

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Does Advertising Work?

While paying for dinner at the restaurant last night….
The 6 year old: Mommy is that a Visa card?
Me: Yes it is.
The 6 year old: (to his little sister) Isn’t that great?!?!?!
Me; Why is it so great?
The 6 year old: Cause Mommy that means we can go to the Olympics…Visa is the only credit card accepted at the Olympic Games!
Server: Well someone pays attention to the commercials he hears…

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Things That Speak To Me #515


So what song brings you back to a special moment in time the minute you hear it?

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Share It Maybe

I love Sesame Street.

I love Cookie Monster.

I love ridiculously catchy songs.

All hail CM’s take on the Carly Rae Jepsen monster hit….


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Mike Tompkins Strikes Again

Skrillex ‘Cinema’ & Santigold ‘Disparate Youth’ Dubstep A Capella Remix

Love it.

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