My Story

I’m a rock star girl at heart who can’t play an instrument or carry a tune.
I speak on the radio at MAJIC 100 (Today’s Soft Rock).  And I also dabble as the Special Events Coordinator for Bell Media Ottawa.
I write a music blog called ‘The Bsides’ for Erica Ehm’s, Yummy Mummy Club.   Yes that Erica Ehm.
Plus I’m also the co-founder of the Bernardi Beauty Blog with my sister.
This blog is a random collection of ramblings about things catch my attention, my family, and stuff I obsess about, like music and fashion. I love me some shoes I do.
And if I’m in a wicked PMS mood, it’s just a good ole, girlie-styled vent session…
Oh and my latest and greatest bragging right…I totally pinched Donnie Wahlberg’s ass. TWICE. Try and contain your seething jealousy.

3 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Seething jealousy is right…was it firm? I bet it was firm…of course this would depend on just how much assage you were in fact able to pinch…one would have to factor in clothing as well – for example a material such as denim would adversely impact your flesh to fabric ratio…hmm…I hope he was naked, yes naked ass pinching would be best…Lill

  2. He had jeans on but them pulled them down. He had his calvin’s on. so flesh to fabric ratio was optimal. it was heaven. best ass ever.

  3. Excellent – so pleased you insisted on getting the denim out of the way…thank you for sharing 🙂 …L

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