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AIDS Free Generation 2015

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Ahhhh L-O-V-E

This made my day.

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Old Skool Flashback

What we used to do before texting.

I wrote volumes of these. That was my junior high and high school experience.

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New Boyce Avenue…

Here is the latest Boyce Avenue cover…

Rihanna – We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris).

So good.

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Best Kijiji Ad Ever

Thanks to my friend James for sharing this – I could have sworn this sarcasm laced, witty and damn funny ad was posted by him…but alas it was not. But it’s so good.

Here is the ad….(you can find the original here)

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I Finally Did It

I, Consuelo Bernardi, back into a parking spot this evening, in a parking garage – all by myself.

Even the parking lot attendants – who mock me regularly at my inability to parallel park and backing into a spot – were in disbelief. I am so ridiculously happy.

Frasier Atkinson – the super hot driving instructor, who quit after having me as a student because I stressed him out so much…I did it, I finally did it.

I am a rockstar.

This deserves a bottle of champagne. (For those who have ventured into parking garages with me understand the epic-ness of this accomplishment).

That is all.

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Quick Mommy!

Playing with Jessie in her room this afternoon. Yes my three year old daughter now goes by Jessie (or this week anyways)…she finally saw Toy Story and now she think she’s Jessie. And she will only refer to her brother as ‘Woody’. Yes this is my world…jealous?

Jessie yells out: ‘Mommy quick we have to get Cinderella to the hospital quickly!
Me: ‘Why, what’s wrong with her?’
Jessie: ‘It’s an emergency Mommy! She has a baby coming out of her legs.’

And cue me opening up a bottle of vodka.


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I Love This Quote

Everyone needs to read this quote.

It’s beautiful. It’s inspiring. It brings much needed perspective.

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No Reason

No reason for this post.

Just cause.

No matter which way you swing….Adam Levine is truly a beautiful, sigh worthy human being.

All hail his parents for providing such amazing genetics.

Le damn indeed.

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Kiss Me Slowly

Kinda obsessed with this song. It’s on repeat on my iPod a lot.

Parachute ‘Kiss Me Slowly’

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