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RIP Jonathan Crombie.

Another actor gone too soon. A family member confirmed today, that Jonathan Crombie (best known for his role as Gilbert Blythe in the Anne Of Green Gables series) suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in New York City on April 15, at the age of 48.

I had the biggest crush on Gilbert Blythe.

This scene gets me every single time.


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These Are You Of My Favourite Things…2014 Style

Tom Hardy anything (can’t wait to see this movie)



Foo Fighters (new music and amazing must watch documentary ‘Sonic Highways’…Mr. Grohl is a genius)



Being introduced to this Canadian band…and this song. (Levy Step, Bring Me To Life)



Ed Sheeran



Eric Church





Hot country singers with tattoos…hello Brantley Gilbert




This remix of Maroon 5 ‘Maps’



The trailer for this movie…American Sniper with Bradley Cooper. So so intense.



This girl. Amazing. (and cue girl crush) Tasha The Amazon.



All hail the ‘Uptown Funk’.



This blind audition on The Voice….Luke Wade.







Chris Pratt




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Ella Henderson.

Je suis obsessed with this song.

Like beaucoup.

Sooo sooo good.
























Ella Henderson.



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The 2014 Top 5 Laminated List

New year also means a newly revised top 5 laminated list.

Totally genius move on my part I know…it’s one of my favourite traditions – like how could it not be?

This year Donnie Wahlberg has been placed on the Top 5 Laminated List All-Star roster. He’s on the list every single year and the top 5 landscape is some prime real estate so he’s in a category all on his own.












Top 5 Laminated List: 2014 Edition

Drum roll please…….

1. Adam Levine (obvious choice)

2. Gabriel Macht

3. Diego Klattenhoff

4. Ryan Gosling (again another obvious selection by me)

5. Scott Eastwood (I cannot wait to see him in the new series Chicago PD).










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When Did That Happen?!?!

This text from my friend Barry essentially ruined my day today.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.35.28 PMWhen did that happen? Like seriously!Michael Schoeffling is 53?!?! WTH?


Today I really do feel 40.


jakeryan 2003507878989033446_rs

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RIP Paul Walker

Sad news out of Hollywood tonight….

Actor Paul Walker passed died earlier today in a car crash after leaving a charity event.

He was 40.

Paul Walker Pics

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Sexiest Man Alive: 2013

So glad my boyfriend finally got recognized for the fine specimen that he is.



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The McGosling Reunion

I know it’s not 100% fact.

Just a rumour floating out there in gossip land.

But gods of Hollywood Couples please make this love reunion happen.



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