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Heading To Nashville




Countdown to Nashville for CRS 2015 is on. Three days to go. And I’m just not excited at all said me never.

So here’s a little country to get musically prepared.








and this one….


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The ‘Angel’ Playlist

Doing some music purging from my iPhone music list and came across a ridiculous amount of songs with ‘Angel’ as the title.

So I had to share my faves.








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Mud And Diggin A Hole

Heard this song by the Canadian country band, The Roadhammers (and totally fell in love with it)…I mean really a song about ‘dirt mixed with water’ should NOT be this catchy but it SO is….

And ‘Mud’ totally made me think of this song by another Canadian band, Big Sugar from back in the day….

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Clean Bandit

Love this song. And coincidentally it’s stuck in my head at le moment.

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Crazy talented.

Two sisters. Lennon & Maisy Stella. Ages 12 and 8. Covering ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Robyn/Erato.

Crazy talented. The harmonies? Like buttah.


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