2015: Resolutions


2015 New Year celebration


Happy New Year.
Say what you mean, mean what you say.

If you have something to say – say it….you ultimately regret all the things you didn’t say.

Make amends. Listen.  Be OK with silence and spending time alone reflecting.


Take chances…tell people you love them…make mistakes…no regrets…learn something new.

Reconnect…have fun…take on new adventures even if it scares you…push yourself.  Let the walls come down. Find someone who knows you to your core.

Be OK with your faults – it makes us unique.

Know that every decision, mistake and path you’ve taken was for a reason and maybe this is the year that clarity sets in.

Laugh…a lot.

Listen to music…be silly…and live your life the way that’s best for you.
Love and happiness in 2015.


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