Madonna Takes To The Stage

So last night in Ottawa I got to see Madonna take charge of the concert stage for the fourth time (yeah I kinda like her just a little)…

Now that I’ve recovered from the late night…OK I haven’t really but at least now I can type coherently, here are the ten things that I walked away with from the show:

1. Madonna starts her shows late…like 10:24PM late…but by the end of it, you want the show to go on and forgot that you were bitching that it started so late (and I confess even I was doing the yawning, foot tapping, clock watching, tweeting ‘when is the show going to start’ thing and I knew beforehand the show was going to start late). (So note to all the people who are going to bitch in future for the late start time…you’ve been warned. Madge starts her shows late. Her show. Her rules. I mean she is the Queen of Pop. So be prepared for a late night. Very late.)

2. Madonna has the best stage concert productions (lighting, back drops, videos) EVAH. She’s all about theatrics…and she does them well.

3. Madonna’s opening number with the bells and the chants by Kalakan are the most haunting sounds as they are beautiful.

4. Madonna’s stage entourage…musicians, back up singers, special musical performers and her dancers are simply brilliant. She surrounds herself with ridiculously talented people and that takes her shows to a whole other level.

5. Madonna curses. She likes to say ‘motherfucker’ and ‘motherfuckers’ a lot. Like a lot. A lot. (Again you’ve been warned).

6. Madonna’s reworks her track ‘Like A Virgin’ using Abel Korzeniowski’s Evgeni’s Waltz (yes I looked it up). It isn’t the version you remember from back in the day. If you were expecting the original version…you’re going to be disappointed. There were a lot of ‘WTF is this’ looks on people’s faces during that number. It amused me.

7. With #6 said….if you were looking for a trip down pre-teen lane with a flashback of the tracks you grew up listening to…this isn’t the tour for you. It’s a tour in support of MDNA album. It’s says so right on the concert ticket. So she’s going to play a lot of songs from the new album. Obviously. But with that said you will get Express Yourself, Vogue & Like A Prayer to keep you happy.

8. Madonna’s shoe changes during the show…(yes I noticed her shoes) were to die for. From the sparkly peep toe platforms right up to the black leather studded Converse. I wanted them all.

9. Madonna’s voice isn’t as ‘Madonna’ as it once was…that was the big thing I noticed since her last tour, but when she belted out ‘Like A Prayer’…I was a card carrying member of the Church of Madonna. It was my highlight. Bliss.

10. I want Madonna’s legs/thighs and ass at the age of 54. Hell I want them now at the age of 39. And her boobs…(all hail the push up bra) were spectacular.

So bottom line…you’re either going to LOVE this show or HATE it. Just the way Madge likes it.

I can’t wait to see her again. But this time I’ll have my coffee IV and Red Bull mixture at the ready. My days of staying up late on a skool night and waking up early the next day with the kids…are VERY much over.

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