The ‘Apple Present’

My daughter….who I affectionately call my ‘Princess of Destruction’ (POD)…never ceases to amaze me with her ability to think up of things right on the spot to get her out of trouble.

The girl can talk her way out of anything. And she’s only three and a half.

Here is my most recent conversation…

Me: What is that in your hand? (clearly catching her with a Baci chocolate she snuck out of the fridge as a post breakfast treat)
POD: Nothing mommy. It’s just an apple.
Me: That looks like a Baci to me.
POD: No mommy you are so silly. (cue her crazy forced fake laugh) This is a tiny apple that I put foilly paper on to decorate it. Its my apple present – to eat by myself.
Now go do something and leave me in private.

I weep for when she’s a teenager.

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