Flour Anyone?

My husband would have found me in the fetal position rocking back and forth, muttering ‘oh my God’,  and holding an empty bottle of something of the alcoholic variety.

I would have lost my mind. How this mother is this calm is beyond me. I’m going with the fact that she’s in a serious state of denial. I’m sure the meltdown happened as soon as she stopped taping.

Needless to say I sent this email to my sister, my brother and his fiancé.

No one is ever permitted to show this video to my children – especially child #2.
If you would like to ever have contact with your nephew and niece ever again, please read and return the oath below.
Raise your right hand:
I _____ do solemnly swear never ever ever to show this video to the princess of destruction. Failure to comply with this aforementioned strictly enforced law will result in all visitation rights being removed immediately.
**I would like this pledge notarized, signed and returned to me within 24 hours.
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2 thoughts on “Flour Anyone?

  1. shoes says:

    That lady is just plain crazy! The fact that she is just letting her kids play with the flour while she tapes the chaos and is not letting them know what they did is wrong – crazy I tell you.

  2. Oh I hear you. The town one over would have heard telling my kids what they did was wrong – I can be crazy loud if need be 😉

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