A Run For Cindy…

So I this morning I crossed off another item off of my bucket list.

I always wanted to run a 5K race.

Now I know 5K doesn’t sound like much but I am not a runner…like at all, at all. I’ll walk 5K no problem but running? I lack that running gene thing. I hate running.

But today I ran (and I admit walked some of it too to catch my breath) in the CIBC Run For theCure For Women’s Breast Cancer.

I ran for a former co-worker Cindy Woods who lost her battle and I ran for all the women who wanted to run but couldn’t and for all the women that were no longer here to run.

I hate the C word. I have known too many women who have been diagnosed with this unrelenting disease.

One day we’ll find a cure.

Until then I will run.

So it’s going to be a good hurt tomorrow morning when I wake up. My thighs, calves and knees will be cursing my name.

Off to find me some epsom salts.

And thank you to Krista K, Krista S, Kelli Daisy and all the other women in our group who got me through the race.


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