Girl Talk

He has plucked samples from hundreds — thousands — of songs spanning all genres. His wide scope and proud propensity for filling his sets with pop hits, guilty pleasures and anything that will elicit a reaction have made his shows truly exuberant affairs, which often end with many audience members on stage, everyone drenched in sweat and Gillis nearly naked. ~David Malitz, The Washington Post

In the world of music mash-ups no one has done quite the meteoric rise like Girl Talk.

Pretty impressive for a guy who doesn’t sing or play an instrument…his musical gift lies when he sits in front a computer screen and creates mash-up magic.  And that talent makes him an artist in his own right.  Because to take a handful of completely unrelated songs and seamlessly weave them into one new song…that takes talent, no matter how you look at it.  And that is why I ♥ DJs so and they have my utmost musical respect. 

Girl Talk, the stage alias of Gregg Gillis, started creating music back in his high school days in Pittsburgh…

“The name Girl Talk is a reference to many things, products, magazines, books. It’s a pop culture phrase. The whole point of choosing the name early on was basically to just stir things up a little within the small scene I was operating from. I came from a more experimental background and there were some very overly serious, borderline academic type electronic musicians. I wanted to pick a name that they would be embarrassed to play with. You know Girl Talk sounded exactly the opposite of a man playing a laptop, so that’s what I chose.”

Girl Talk has a new record out and it’s taking the internet by storm…”All Day” is a fab collection of musical snippets but it’s never contrived or forced…it flows effortlessly, leaving you to think that ‘it shouldn’t work but it does’.

Now there’s a few tracks where I think he’s crammed a little too much hip hop that went on a little too long…maybe a little self editing was needed but that’s me just bitching to find fault in what is an overall incredible musical journey through the land of mash-ups.

“All Day” is as creative as a mash up can get it…I mean really Ol’ Dirty Bastard mashed into Radiohead…or L’il Wayne into Neil Diamond? What’s not to love? The album flows through all these musical genres and it comes at you fast and furious but not in a way that will make you nauseous. It’s perfect for rocking out in your car or getting through the day at work.

I’ve been listening non-stop for two days and I’m still finding something new each and every time.  I’m all over the ‘Jump On Stage’, ‘Triple Double’ and ‘Every Day’.

So brilliant.

So impressive.

Girl Talk posts his music for free, so you can download his new album “All Day” without spending a dime.  Girl Talk does the free thing to avoid all those nasty, time consuming and money sucking lawsuits…smart move by him.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and download!  Enjoy the FREE ride.


One thought on “Girl Talk

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