My Top 5 Places to Eat

Here are my Top 5 places to eat in Barrhaven – where you can always count on fabulous food, great service and it won’t break the bank.

1. La Porto a Casa (Italian) 3500 Fallowfield Road 613-843-0825 
Authentic old school Italian cooking like my Nonna used to make.  Dine-in or take-out…the place is always packed, so if you doing the dine-in call ahead and make a reservation.

2. Karara (Indian) 4100 Strandherd Drive 613-825-4000 
Phenomenal food…really so so good. There is no such thing as eating just one piece of their freshly made Naan bread.  Take-out only.

3. Two Monkeys Coffee and Tea House 4100 Strandherd Drive 613-843-7463  
They make a great skinny vanilla cafe latte and their daily lunch specials always hit the spot. And their homemade desserts are well to good to pass up…ever.  And the fact that it’s kid friendly – is just another added bonus.

4. Go 4 Greek 3570 Strandherd Drive 613-823-2323
Damn the Greeks and the fabulous food they make – everything on the menu is great but their souvlaki, tzatziki and Greek Salads make it worth eating there again and again. Take-out.

5. Liu’s Cuisine 3570 Strandherd Drive 613-843-0212
For those craving that a menu that covers Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai, this is your place.  And you can get the spicy dishes four ways…mild, medium, hot or damn hot & spicy.  Dine-in or take-out.


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