Jersey Makeover

Something I never thought I’d see on the Daily Makeover website [Style Network]…

Jersify Yourself!
Get a taste for the outrageous hair and makeup that make the stars of the Style Network’sJerseylicious one of a kind! For Olivia, Tracy and Gigi, it’s all about major eyeliner, dark tans (fake, of course) and va-va-va volume hairstyles. It’s a look we had to put in the Makeover Studio. You have to try it!

I had no idea that women were dying for a Jersey Shore makeover…really? There’s a demand for this look? Really? Le sigh. Jerseylicious….I’ll have to take a pass.  Maybe I’m totally showing my 37 years but I’m good without the big hair, ridiculous fake and bake tans and plastered on make-up…fierce beauty gurus these Garden State girls are not. 


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