The Gift Shop Drama.

Dear Museum Directors,

This Mommy loathes museum gift shops in general, especially the ones with the huge LEGO displays geared directly towards 4 year olds who just LOVE Lego and don’t understand why bad. mean, terrible, unfair Mommy won’t buy him some.

For the record they’re recipes for monumental tantrums. Trust me, your staff and your paying museum visitors loathe them as much as I do. The rolling of the eyes and looks of sympathy, disgust and exasperation said it all to me yesterday when my son went into total meltdown. I’m surprised his screams didn’t set off the sensitive museum alarms.

I get that museum gift shops play a key role in keeping admission prices low…but trust me I’d fork over an extra $2 per admission fee just to avoid the museum drama that took place 24 hours ago.

Could you please consider moving gift shops away from entrances…please?

Consider the memo written and served.

A Gift Shop Hating Mommy

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