Amanda Marshall….

On the way home from my ‘Girl’s Night Out’ dinner last night [we went to Trella’s on Preston Street…nice restaurant…their sauteed rapini are just like my mom makes but they could dim the house lights…a little too bright for dinner out…but worth checking out] this song came on the radio…haven’t heard it in ages. I cranked it up and belted out the lyrics…

Amanda Marshall was one of my favourite Canadian singers…and then she fell off the face of the musical planet.

Although in her defense, she did say in an interview this past May that she was recording in a Toronto studio…working on a new album. Her plans are to release the album in early 2010 with promises that a tour will follow. That’s one release I can’t wait to hear…

Until then, here are my three favourite tracks by Amanda…starting with the song that was on the radio.


Beautiful Goodbye…

Let It Rain…


One thought on “Amanda Marshall….

  1. My introduction to Amanda Marshall was by way of a gift of her "everybody's got a story" album. It was atached to a card that read – thanks for sharing your story. Anonymous. Received after a talk I gave at WIFT in T.O. I wore that cd out. Love her.

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