@EverythingMom…thank you so much for sending me this…you just made my Friday. Music truly is the best gift ever.

Mash up.
Umm a what?

A mashup combines multiple songs into another and as a result changes the meaning or mood of either songs into something entirely unique. Bottom line…totally fun.

I am a huge fan of BBC Radio 1…and host Colin Murray, of the “The Black Hole” show, [mash ups heaven]is a huge fan of this site is a site put together by the mad genius, Matt Burris. It contains his personal thoughts, extensive photo album, short stories, poems, likes, dislikes, computer tips and advice, PC gaming experience, and more.

And for me…most importantly, is a collection of 2,748 of the most interesting mash ups ever….and the best news they are available for download.

For more mash ups..check out the Bsides blog I wrote for the Yummy Mummy Club.


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