Yes for shame I use disposable diapers and not the environmentally-sound-earth-friendly reusable cloth ones…
I beg forgiveness…
Now that my dirty secret is out…


I must say was never a fan of the Huggies when my son was in the diaper wearing stage…he constantly peed out of them, like all the time. All the time.

So I became a Pampers girl.

Cue the birth of my second child and a mommy’s search for all things cheaper.
My daughter was a Pampers girl for the first three months and then this mommy discovered the Walmart brand. They did the job just fine thank you and at the end of the day they were a zillion times cheaper…OK, not a zillion but you get the point.

But last Saturday I ran out of diapers and I was not in the ‘fight the crowds on a Saturday afternoon’ mood so I ran into the nearest Shopper’s Drug Mart and bought a package of the new HUGGIES® Little Movers Diapers.

And shock of shocks, I gotta say that I love them. They fit really well; were snug in all the right places with no leaks and the side tabs were super stretchy and stayed put. There is something to be said about the new contour design.

The official sell line? HUGGIES® Little Movers Diapers are shaped to fit busy babies and toddlers as they move and play. Less bulk in front and wider in back for a comfy fit.
And I must say this time there is truth is what is being advertised. My 17 month old daughter, who can’t possibly think of sitting still for more than 60 seconds, has been zooming around in them in total toddler comfort.

Not sure if because child #2 was a girl and the peeing out of diapers with a super baby penis doesn’t come into play, but I must give the folks at Huggies props where props are due. So props.

This Huggies diaper I will buy again. Who knew?

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