My darling little Isabella…

Little did I know when I gave birth to my darling little girl nearly a year and a half ago I was also giving birth to a never-forgets-a-damn-thing-loves-to-whine-shriek-climb-furniture-biting-petit-vampire.

Ah yes. Here I foolishly thought that it was going to be my son who would try his best to drive mommy mad but in fact it is going to be his baby sister.

I remember friends telling me ‘oh there is such a difference between boys and girls’…well here’s wishing I had paid better attention.

I’m thinking she’s going to grow up to be either one of two things. First off a performer in Cirque De Soleil…I mean what else can explain her obsession of climbing anything stationary [bookshelves, chairs, tables] and then gracefully launching herself off of the aforementioned pieces of furniture just to see if can nail the landing (all while sending mommy into a slow meltdown).

Or perhaps Hollywood is in her future. This way she can put all her flair for the dramatics…hand waving, head on forehead tilted back to demonstrate her frustrations, the high pitched shrieking when she doesn’t get her way and her constant mocking of mommy and daddy when they say ‘No’. Behold the future soap opera Daytime Emmy winning actress.

Then there’s her biting. First I thought it was just a simple teething, it hurts like hell and if I have to suffer so will anyone foolish enough to expose any skin in the vicinity of my teeth but now I’m thinking she just enjoys it far too much [she actually laughs after she does it]. She seems to derive so much enjoyment from the leaving her teeth impressions on family member’s skin that her Zia [aunt] has affectionately calls her ‘Little Tyson’ [insert mental images of the famous boxing match ear biting incident here].

I’ll be damned if she ever gets her hand on the Twilight series when she gets older.


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