Oh open-concept house design how I loathe thee….

Note to couples that are thinking about the whole ‘wanna have a baby thing’….

Open concept houses totally rock it when you are sans enfants….but bring kids into the picture…especially two that cannot register the command…”Stay here in this room…not over there but here” and suddenly you’re on Google typing in words like ‘renovations’, ‘fancy gates’ and ‘doors’ at 11PM when you could be chilling for the first time that day.

So open concept yes if no little feet wander your house…
Little feet yes…containment in a specific area is key… doors are your friend.

You can thank me later for keeping your sanity.


** yes this bitch session is entirely due to the fact that one wandering 3 year old, who shall remain nameless, discovered Mommy’s carefully hidden [or so I thought] chocolate stash and ate the last Skor bar.**


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