Things I can’t live without come kiddie cold/teething time…

Here are the things that I always make sure that I have stocked come kiddie cold & teething time…
These products make the whole getting the kiddies over the cold/teething drama a little more tolerable.

1. HydraSense Nasal Spray: Gentle Mist: Perfect for those delicate, sensitive, tiny noses in babies/toddlers. It’s really effective in cleansing and relieving excessive mucus that has built up. Plus the bonus: it’s 100% natural source sea water.

Boiron’s Coryzalia: It’s a homeopathic medicine for children aged 6-30 months that provides relief for colds and congestion. You give it at the first signs of cold symptoms [runny nose, sneezing, eye irritation and nasal congestion]. Bonus: Sugar free, lactose free and alcohol free.

3. Triaminic Flowing Vapors Fan: It’s a battery operated version of Vick’s Vapor rub and the bonus is that it’s totally portable and you aren’t stuck to one room.
The fan releases 8 hours of continuous mentholated cherry aroma and helps with breathing when little noses are totally stuffed up. Love that’s it’s quiet and it fills up a room with a great pleasant, non-medicine smell. The refill pads are available at most drugstores.

4. Hyland’s Teething Gel / Teething Tablets: Is an easy-to-use, all-natural product that soothes the pain, the restlessness & irritability when it comes to the whole teething process.
Both products, gel & tablets are 100% natural: homeopathic formula that contains no benzocaine, sugar, artificial flavouring, Parabens or dyes/colouring agents. The only product like it on the market.


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