Oh Pammy…….

I saw this on the fashion rip-stars-to-shreds-for-wearing-ridiculously heinous outfits [and the rare oh you did a good fashion thing] site…gofugyourself
And I couldn’t help but add my cents in….
Ahh Pamela Anderson….where do I begin?
She is the polar opposite of British singing sensation of Susan Boyle…that’s includes both the style and talent department.
Pammy has bothered over the last few years…this is chick who totally missed the memo on aging gracefully….or was it aging with class? or don’t raid a 20 something’s closet? or over 40 it’s a must to wear shorts with a substantial crotch covering material circumference….
Pammy I get it the boys still think you’re hot…Holly wood make-up and the plastic surgery will do that…and your boobs still miraculously sit all perky-esque on your chest…but really…you gotta stop honey…
Two words…self respect and dignity…two things you are obviously lacking….
Get a new stylist sweets…really you need one.
That or you’re hoping that Clinton and Stacey will do a ‘What Not To Wear Hollywood Edition’…I can only imagine all the ‘shut up why are you wearing this’ that Stacey would utter during your secret footage…
Last word…pants….or even capris….Old Navy is having a sale on them this week.


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