March 10, 2009…Happy New Year!!!!!

Yes, yes…I have the bottle of Baby Duck chilling in the fridge and my party hat and noise makers are on stand by…

It is March 10th and I am finally allowing myself to celebrate New Year’s…

Today marks my daughter Isabella’s 1st birthday.

Its been quite the year. Long and very trying at times.

Isabella has taken many trips to the Children’s Hospital, awful IV attempts, reactions to formulas, long sleepless nights because of stomach pain and teething, food allergies [peas and barley damn you both!], lots of tears and crying…

But we made it…all four of us as a family.

We survived.

And for me that is worth celebrating.

Plus my son, Matteo who turned 3 last month, is now completely toilet trained [day and night], no more soother and we took away the baby monitor from his room….my little man is growing up.

This last year, in retrospect, has gone by really fast…but when you are in the thick of it, you doubt very much you will ever see the end of the tunnel.

But it comes.

So tonight I will raise my glass of Baby Duck and toast the year that was and the year that will be.

Happy Birthday Isabella.

Love you.


One thought on “March 10, 2009…Happy New Year!!!!!

  1. Awe, Connie you are the sweetest- and so accomplished. A new baby and toilet training -you get an award! Happy Birthday Isabella!

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