Never cheat on your nail salon….

So my husband treated me to a pre-Valentine’s Day pedicure…a mini getaway from the two kids, time to relax and reconnect….

That was the plan….not exactly how it went down…

First off they were 35 minutes late….

Then instead of having actual sink stations, the girl brought me a stainless steel salad bowl to put my feet in…[I swear, no word of a lie, it was a salad bowl…like the kind you find at Walmart]

The water was at best lukewarm and she barely had my feet soaking in there for 2 minutes before she started…

She never changed the water…even when she rinsed off my feet….

She used the same towel for the entire pedicure even though it was filthy…

She only buffed the top of my feet not the sides or the heels… this morning you would never have known that I had the pedicure done…they still feel like sandpaper….

She didn’t do a clear bottom coat or top coat and missed two spots completely….

There were empty Gatorade bottles in the reception area….

A dirty styrofoam coffee cup near one the stations….

The magazines they had for your reading pleasure were all 2 years old and in disgusting conditions…

Then a girl [and she was barely 24]….who was apparently running the place…was doing a manicure/pedicure at the same time as I was getting my pedicure done…

She had about as much tact and class as a drunken roadie…she was loud and totally obnoxious….

She must of said the word ‘crap’ at least a dozen times….the it was “holy shit, damn and no shit”…..

It was so unprofessional…not the relaxing atmosphere one expects…if I wanted all that chaos I would have stayed home with the kiddlets…and the irony here is that on the door into the nail salon it asks the clientelle to observe a quiet tone as not to interrupt the other clients & to maintain a relaxing atmosphere….ha! apparently that does not not apply to the staff….

Plus ‘crap’ girl went on to describe in full detail the drug situation at her high school in to the her mother and daughter clients….

I swear I felt like I was on candid camera….

Then as I was waiting for my nails to dry….another girl walks in and says to ‘crap’ girl that her next client would like a discount because she is getting multiple procedures done…’crap’ girl goes….”yeah everyone that walks in here says we told them we’d give them a deal…tell her she gets what she gets or she can leave”…

Right in front of me!!!! Who says that in front of another client? A potential repeat customer?

Anyways…the pedicure was free [i had a gift certificate]….but I will NEVER go there again…I left annoyed and totally pissed off. It ruined my night and my good vibe that I had going that day.[and I wasn’t even PMS-ing…]

Frightening thing is these girls who work there are also responsible for doing Botox treatments….if you can’t do a simple pedicure I am so not trusting you with a needle to my face….

It was just crappy customer service…

Lesson learned.

I will go back to the place I like and usually go to…

See? You cheat on your nail guy and that’s what happens…..

Nail salon karma is a bitch.

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