Working my ass off….literally….

I rarely talk about my current weight loss/fitness mission that I’m on…I think I’ve irrationally convinced myself that if I do all the hard work over the last 4 1/2 months will vanish into thin air…

I made a vision board this past October and one of the images was that of a back-to-pre-pregnancy-weight mommy walking down the street with two kids in hand….
So that was my goal….to be a yummy mummy…as shallow as that sounds.

Now I know my weight loss may have very little to do with that image that I so carefully secured to my board and has likely to do more with the 90 minutes a week that my trainer kills me doing lunges, squats, dead lifts and kettle bell throws….but I’d like to think that one picture was my motivational secret weapon…

I never really lost the weight after my first child and I rationalized that by saying ‘why bother if I’m just going to get knocked up again a second time’….

But after the birth of my daughter I had run out of excuses seeing that the baby factory was officially closed for business.

So I found my trainer, modified my eating and became best friends with protein powder, blueberries and almonds…

So at the 4 1/2 month mark….I’m:

Down 20 pounds…[130 lbs]
Lost almost 10% body fat 

Gone from a size 10-11 to a size 6…..

Lost 2 inches off my chest….

2 inches off my arms….

And lost 3 inches off my thighs….

Not bad for a girl who loathes working out….

And yes I still sneak in chocolate every now and then….I mean I haven’t completely lost my mind!

Did I mention that my trainer is a young man of a mere 2o years???

Yeah that helps too.

One thought on “Working my ass off….literally….

  1. Yahoo congrats Connie! A woman who feels good about herself is a happy woman. It transcends all she does. Think about what a great role model a fit active mom is for her kids.Surely we won’t find your baby girl lying around on the couch eating squeeze cheese on crackers off her belly…surely she’ll folow suit and become a gym bunny!

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