25 random things continued….

This purging of the soul all started on Facebook.

The Rules are: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

But the thing was I had more than 25….
So the randomness continues…..
Here goes nothing….

1. I wish I would of travelled more on my own before I got married and had kids. The only travel credits to my name: 2 road trips to Boston & NYC and the Cancun SPX Grad Trip back in ’92…I wish I had seen more of the world…I envy those who have had that opportunity. It’s one of my regrets in life.

2. My middle name is Rosita…my mother got the name off of a shoe box….hence my shoe addiction.

3. I started writing a book a year ago….who knows if it will ever get finished…so for the time being I just write for me.

4. When I was 25 I was at my lowest weight ever…117 pounds and a size 2….I still thought I was fat…I refused to wear a bathing suit at a staff event because I thought I was huge….if only my almost 36 year old self could go back and talk to that 25 year old with the warped body image…I would have forced her to parade around in that bikini….if that 25 year old could only see the post baby body she had to look forward too….

5. I once had to say no to my ultimate dream job…music director at The Edge in Toronto….it killed me to say no…and I was devastated and angry for a long time…but now that I look back I know that I made the right decision…that thought is echoed every time I look into my children’s eyes….

6. I am actually looking forward to turning 40….as crazy as that may seem….but I have this feeling that I m going to LOVE my 40s…

7. There was one teacher who absolutely petrified me….Father Nugent at Pius….I physically felt sick every time I had to go to his math class…..only adding to my ongoing struggle with religion…despite the Catholic upbringing….

8. These teachers inspired me….Mrs Pappin [St. Rita’s], Miss Kelly [Frank Ryan] and Mr. Burrows and Mrs. Vulstyke [sp?] at St. Pius X…..

9. I dated a guy on & off for almost a year and I’m pretty sure none of his friends were aware since I was never introduced to them….yet this is the guy who completely broke my heart into a million pieces….

10. I so wanted to be Molly Ringwald….I wanted to be sitting on the table across from Jake Ryan, blowing out the candles on my 16th birthday cake…..

11. I love travelling by train and staying in hotels….I really should of been a travel writer….

12. When Mr. Hooper from Sesame Street died, I cried.

13. I was sexually assaulted while at work by a co-worker [back when I was in Grade 13] and it completely & forever changed me…

14. I have seen first hand how horrible a disease Alzheimer’s and dementia can be…

15. Thanks to working on-air in radio for so many years…I have perfected the ‘fake laugh’….

16. I only learned how to apply liquid eyeliner [correctly] 4 months ago…

17. I wish I would of taken the time and had my Nonna [grandmother] teach me how to use a sewing machine and how to knit…

18. I am so thankful for Facebook…it re-established a number of friendships…especially one that I thought had been lost for good [and that saddened me to my core more than words can say]…burnt popcorn girl that means you….

19. I lived at home until I got married at 29…although there are times I wish I had experienced living on my own…

20. I have a ‘things I must do before I die’ list & a vision board….

21. When I was in high school, one Domenic Licandro, told me that I was the kid of girl guy’s wanted to marry but not casually date and I swear that curse wasn’t broken until I turned 21 when I got my first boyfriend….Adam Armstrong.

22. I never knew how much I like organization, order & hated clutter until I had kids….

23. I spent the first year of my son’s life so consumed by the thought that I was losing who I was as a person that I missed out on the simple joy of just being a mommy.

24. I would love to produce [just once] the following two shows: The Grammy’s and the Juno’s…

25. I constantly have an inner dialogue going on….usually I am in the middle of an ongoing interview…I am the one being interviewed….and the soundtrack that follows me…’Bittersweet Symphony’ by the Verve….

26. I am petrified of heights but I love to fly.

27. I wish I had the ability to sing.

28. In Grade 7, I faked my way through music class and almost got away with pretending to know how to play the recorder for the entire year…that was until the solo final exam…summer school for music it was….

29. Not that I ever admitted it, but back in high school I was so sad that I was never asked to either of the two proms…

30. I go through people’s medicine cabinets…it’s amazing how many people keep medication past their expiry date…

31. I can cook but most of the time I just choose not too…

32. I am grateful for the friends that I can so easily slip back into conversation with, like it was just the day before we had spoken, when in reality it had been a year….

33. I wish my legs were longer…hence making me taller. I am 5’1 but I wish I was 5’6.

34. Back in high school I got into a very heated argument with my sister. So much so that I ended up slapping her across the face…something i feel extremely guilty about to this day.

35. I used to over analyze things…it was exhausting so I stopped..I concluded that sometimes the question ‘why’ is never meant to be answered.

36. I live by many motto’s….one is ‘having an opinion does not equal knowledge’…

37. Because of the movie ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’ I have dreams of retiring to a villa in Tuscany….but then I change my mind because I could never be that far away from my friends and family…

38. I hate public speaking.

39. I cannot imagine my life without my parents in it…I am so acutely aware of their aging…and it scares me sometimes…

40. I know that my husband truly loves me and that gives me strength and immeasurable comfort.

41. I am in awe every day of single parents who must do it on their own.

42. I am in awe of the strength of those who face the diagnosis of an illness…that inner strength and fight is inspirational.

43. I regret not spending more time with my grandmother the last year she was alive…I always had the excuse…”next time, I’ll make time, next time”…that was a hard lesson to learn that we don’t always have a next time.

44. I rarely tell my sister or brother that I love them…or hug them…it was never in our sibling genetic make-up I guess….but I hope that they know they are the world to me….

45. Family truly is everything.

46. I have spent more time at CHEO this year with Isabella then I ever want to…for those parents who ‘live’ at CHEO i am in awe of your strength….

47. I love the fact that I have a cousin’s dinner once every few months…that family reconnection is so important.

48. Many people have disappointed me, friends & family members included but I have chosen not to dwell on those disappointments.

49. I hope that during my lifetime I make a difference to the world…

50. It took until my 30s…but I am happy with me….faults and all…what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger…

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