My confession…23 years later

Its been forever since I went to church for Confession so I figured the next best thing would be to publicly announce a sin on the world wide web…

So what brought on this desire to free my tainted soul and purge?
Well my son Matteo ‘lifted’ his very first thing last night [yes I am one proud Momma…and yes sarcasm is intended] when he went to go pick up the pizza with daddy for ‘hockey watching guy’s night’.
Now in his defense he is not yet three and the ‘pizza man’ did give his some free chocolates from the mini convenient store inside the restaurant.
So Matteo, like any kid his age, assumed that all the candy in the store was free.
So on their way out the door he pocketed a pack of gum.
[yes the gum was returned once daddy discovered that ‘sticky hands’ had made off with unpaid merchandise
So this brings me to my confession.
I once shoplifted too….well only a ‘half a shoplift’ really.
Let me explain.
It was back in 1986,  I was 13 years old and I loved Corey Hart.
[Let me correct that…I LOVED, LOVED Corey Hart]
And my favourite song (‘I Am By Your Side’) had just been released  and I thought Mr. Hart looked totally super cute on the cover of the 7 ” single.
Now I already had the album so I didn’t need the record; I just wanted the jacket cover to the single.
So on a shopping trip to Woolco’s with my mom I made my way over to the music section and proceeded to shoplift the album jacket to the aforementioned 7″ single [I left the actual record in the store…cleverly hidden behind the Bananarama album.]
The offending album cover is still in my possession today neatly tucked away in my Corey Hart scrapbook.
So there.
I shoplifted and I truly never felt bad about because I managed to convince myself, that what I had done was OK because I really did love Corey (and of course we were were going to get married one day so it really didn’t matter in the great scheme of things).
So I guess Matteo lifting the gum was kind of like Karma kicking me in the ass…I paid for what I did by having my son repeating my “badness”.
But at least this time around Matteo is truly sorry for what he did.
In his words…”Mommy first we pay then we can leave the store cause if you don’t you go to jail.”
There my Mommy work is done.

*and for the record Corey Hart really did look hot on that album cover.



One thought on “My confession…23 years later

  1. Jo says:

    I saw Corey Hart at Lansdowne in 1984. I talked my way past security and he recorded the Christmas song “Rudolph The Rednose Reindeer”. Good times! 😉

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