Erin McCarley…a pop rock chick you will love

OK new favorite artist alert for 2009.
I am simply mad about this artist.
Her name is Erin McCarley.
Her debut album [Universal Records] dropped January 6 and its called ‘Love, Save the Empty’.
She’s filed under the pop rock category but I hate labels…either you’re good or you’re not.
And this chick…she’s damn good.
If you love listening to Sara Bareilles, Joan Osborne, Alana Davis, KT Tunstall, Taylor Swift and Vanessa Carlton, you will totally get Erin McCarley.
She’s fresh, she has the talent, great storyteller and vocals to match.
And she’s a singer~songwriter with some depth.
Erin describes her debut CD as a ‘document of her search for authenticity in herself and others.’
Her first single Pony [It’s OK] can be found on Itunes.
Go buy it…now…I guarantee you’ll be singing it all day long…
If you want to check it out…YouTube it…

And if you are still not convinced…
Andrew Leahey, a music writer, wrote in The Washington Times, that Erin is “1 of the 4 to watch in ’09″…

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