Celine Dion concert review….

How I saw the Celine Dion concert….

Ok I’ll give it to Celine…she has a ridiculously amazing voice…she is uber talented….vocally speaking….
And she has the MOST killer legs that go on for miles and miles….and I would totally kill for her shoe collection [nothing short of a 4 1/2″ heel]…minus the white number she wore at the very end [ass ugly Celine…fire your wardrobe person for that pick]

What I could do without….
Her need to play air guitar throughout the show….
And her need to try and merge together the dancing skills of John Travolta [Saturday Night Fever], Michael Jackson and Elvis….we get it you can’t dance….just sing….

Other things I noticed that kept me entertained….

1. the super drunk chick in the floor section….who totally thought she was Celine…standing for the entire show she sang every word to every song and did the Celine [point the finger in the air] I’m about to hit a high note motion….she was VERY amusing….[and didn’t drop her wines, coolers or beers once]

2. the two girls directly in front of me who thought they were at their own private Celine Dion dance club… [I saw more of their two asses than Celine…thank god for the big TV screens above the stage] I swear the 60+ tour group from Montreal that was sitting next to me was ready to kick your ass, riot style…I’ve never heard so many French curse words uttered by seniors….note: seniors like sitting at concerts and DO NOT like their view obstructed….

3. noticed 3 men and 1 woman who fell asleep 45 minutes into the show [grant it they looked 70 so it was well past their bed time]

4. There were a lot of guys at the show…no women with them….but young guys in their late 20s to mid 30s…and shockingly straight….perhaps they thought this was a good pick up venue…hmmm

5. The 6 year old looking boy who played with his Game Boy the entire concert…I’m sure mommy and daddy are super thrilled they spent $195.00+ on your ticket….

But in the end all that really mattered was that my mommy had an amazing time….she was in Celine Dion heaven….and that puts me on Santa’s good list this year…..;)


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