The week that was….

1. My son’s current obsession, other than his blocks and cars, is the TV show ‘Max & Ruby’….please, please make an episode that shows the parents. It annoys me to no end that the parents are never around…also can we tone down how annoying Ruby is? All she does is nag…her way or the highway….

2. Crapolicious. That’s what ANTM has become…so bad that I can’t stop watching it….a new drinking game is to take a shot each time Ms Tyra references herself in the show….she can take any situation and bring it back to herself…love it…and I love when she gets super bitchy when a contestant can’t name a high profile model…

3. My son found a tampon in my bathroom this week and used it as he put it ‘as a really big Qtip to clean his oversized teddy bear’s ears…’ good god…although it would make for an interesting campaign for Tampax….

4. Could someone please create a toddler’s fever medicine that is flavourless…all I can ever find is super sickening sweet grape, cherry and fruit punch flavours…all which my son loathes….

5. I finally found a yogurt that is made with whole milk, doesn’t contain artificial sweetners, low in sugar, tastes great and doesn’t have that prebiotic crap that gives toddlers an upset stomach….its L’il Ones Yogurt from Dairyland…..

6. Was so happy that Brit Brit walked away with some moonmen at the MTV Video Awards this week…nice to know that MTV celebrates and honours those who led a completely f-ed up life over the course of the last year…see it pays to go crazy and fall off the deep end….lets see how long her ‘normal Britney state of mind’ lasts…..


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